Thursday, October 05, 2006

Everybody's Working for the Weekend

I might be telling my age when I admit that I saw Canadian rocker Mike Reno sing the words in the title of this Friday's posting in person back in 1980 something. The lyrics might be old but they still ring as true today as they did in the age of muscle shirts and girls with big hair. We are all still working for the weekend.

However, as anglers we also work for money to buy fly fishing gear. For this reason I am happy to report that today I received an email from our affiliate Sierra Trading Post. They had so much success from last month's 15% off deal that they have decided to extend it for one more month. This is great news because it is an excellent savings off their already low prices. By using the banner below you get 15% off web orders of $125 or more. Normally their deals cannot be combined but this time they are making an exception. If you use their new Google Checkout function when you pay you can get an additional $10 off your already discounted order.

This means your order of $125 dollars could end up saving you $28.75. That will buy a lot of flies. Offer is valid until 11-9-06 and may only be combined with the Google checkout promotion.

Coupon 125x125

If you have been wanting to try your hand a fly fishing in the salty water, you might want to check out item #70786. It is a 4 piece, 9 weight, Powell fly rod for only $99.00. Add item #70789, a mid arbor Powell fly reel for only $89.95 and subtract 15% + $10 for the Google check out promo and you can be on your way to a quality salt water rig for around $160 + shipping. Don't forget to pick up some line (#70852) as well.

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