Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Big Cats

We like to keep up with Bill Cochran's outdoor columns in the Roanoke Times. This week its not about fishing so much as about another hot topic among area anglers. Mountain lion sightings. Outdoorsmen have been debating the existence of full sized mountain lion in the Carolinas and Virginia for some time. It is a controversial subject that puts the folks saying that they have seen one into much the same light as those who site bigfoot or UFO's.

Two people in my area (Shenandoah Valley) saw one on Aug. 27. They even collected hair from a barbed-wire fence. It was not reported. Like so many people, they wanted to spare themselves the skepticism and patronizing attitude from wildlife experts.

I have heard folks speak of "painters" (panthers) in our mountains for years and have myself seen some interestingly large "cat" tracks along creek banks but have never personally seen such a creature.

Any readers care to weigh in? Drop me a note or comment.

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