Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Super Fly reports on the result of this year's Gunnison Angling Society "Super Fly" contest. The contest limits anglers to only two flies so many were pretty tight lipped about what they were fishing.

“Fly? I can’t tell you, other than it’s a streamer, or maybe a nymph or a dry fly, perhaps,” intoned Tom McDermott of Denver, who winked and grinned yet nevertheless still refused to divulge the fly patterns he and partner Gary Christlieb were to use in during Saturday’s eight hours of competition.

And the winner is:

Top individual angler was Mike Beatty of Gunnison, who went against the general trend of throwing streamers by using two dry flies, a pale morning dun and a blue-winged olive, to catch 851/2-inches of trout, including an 18-inch rainbow.

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