Monday, September 25, 2006

Revenge of the Mice!

The following is a great email that I received from Suzanne Malone:


Just thought you might find this interesting. My name is Suzanne Malone and I am the outreach/education director for the Northern Virginia Trout Unlimited Chapter. In that capacity I help teach the fly fishing merit badge, BOW, WITO and many other organizations fly-fishing and fly tying. I also store all of the equipment i.e. rods, reels fly-tying material and vises. We had not used the fly rods for several months and they were stored in my garage in Alexandria ,VA. This morning I went to load them into my truck for an upcoming Merit badge program. I thought the boxes were rather heavy but I did not think too much about it. When I started to unload the rods and reels I noticed they were full of corn. Mice had been stashing corn into the rod boxes. The rod and reels are stored in the boxes they were shipped in.. They are the first cast rods and reels from LLBean. Not only did the mice store corn in all twelve of the boxes they also chewed the line on six of the reels.


Suzanne Malone

I sense a conspiracy here. Obviously the mice, who have long suffered at the hands of fly anglers looking for the perfect grey dubbing, have struck back in an attempt to lure our youth into fishing with corn rather than flies! Thanks to Ms. Malone for sharing such a great story. If any readers out there would like to donate or exchange some fly line for a sack of corn, I am sure that Ms. Malone could arrange it.


Trout Underground said...

Mouse Conspiracy?

That's truly ridiculous.

It's beavers who have long suffered at the hands of fly tiers for their dubbing, so it's probable that beavers stuffed corn in the boxes and ate the line.

Or Muskrats. Or maybe a flock of Whiting Roosters - now they'd be motivated...

Murdock said...

I must agree that the Muskrats are probably the most likely villans in this situation.