Wednesday, September 27, 2006

No Hatchery Trout for the Battenkill....for now.

The Burlington Free Press reports that the Battenkill river has been, at least momentarily, spared from the plan to stock hatchery Rainbow trout in the up till now wild fishery.
Conservation minded companies like Orvis along with Trout Unlimited and area anglers voices were a major factor in the "expected" decision by Fish and Wildlife authorities to scrap the plan to stock hatchery trout.

"The public comment period on this issue and the draft management plan for the Battenkill is open until Oct 21. But state officials said Monday that critics of stocking the river made their voices heard at the public hearing."

It appears that a final decision on the matter will not be settled until after the official comment period ends. Lets keep this issue active until we get the resource protected once and for all.

You have to appreciate it when a company like Orvis flexes their financial and political clout in such a way as to protect a valued resource. (Translation - Go buy some Orvis gear this weekend.)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping this alive, Murdock.

Stay in touch!

James Hathaway