Sunday, September 10, 2006

Monday Post Football Opener Consolation

It's Monday morning (or it will be shortly) and no doubt many of you are bleary eyed and sluggish from a Sunday filled with football and tailgate parties. Here in the Southeast, Carolina fans are nursing their wounds after taking a 20 to 6 beat down from Mike Vick and the boys from Atlanta.

I know for a fact that nothing soothes the pain of watching the home team take one on the chin more than new fishing equipment. Luckily for us Sierra Trading Post has provided us with an additional savings off their normally low prices. This month's Sierra coupon will save you 15% on web orders of $125 or more.

Coupon 125x125

These offers are usually not valid with any other offers but we have it on good authority that if you use the banner above in conjunction with Google's checkout system and enter code wdgb8 you can save an additional $10 off your order. (You can do this even if you don't order $125 as long as you at least buy $30 worth.)

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