Sunday, September 03, 2006

Guests of stay at....

How do you fly fish Four Seasons style? This journalist finds out when the famously stylish hotel offers fly fishing in their private pond as an activity for the "girl about town."

"This was going to be deluxe fishing: fishing where you don't have to touch the fish, fishing with champagne and sandwiches back at the hotel. Basically, it's having a laugh, standing in the sunshine at a pond in the country and then having a spa treatment."

I always get a kick about how a non fly fisher describes the sport but REALLY enjoy hearing how one that compares it to a day at the spa describes it.

"Sue is one of the best female anglers in the country and she certainly looks the part. With boxes of colourful trinket-like flies in her pocket, a fold-up net strapped to her back and super-strong forearms and wrists, she could give any fisherman a run for his money. And, most important, Sue appeared to be unperturbed by the ridiculous nature of Catherine's and my fishing clobber (Catherine was wearing a green leather bolero jacket)."

At least her jacket was green so as not to scare the fish!

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