Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Froogle Fly Fishing

Back in the day when IzzakWalton was singing songs to milk maids and casting silk line with horse hair leaders, I bet he would have loved to have had access to the wealth of fly fishing knowledge available on the internet. I bet he would have written a whole chapter titled "Of directions for the procurement of rod and line by FROOGLING."

Here is our updated list of the most expensive gear available on the net as reported by FROOGLE.

Type in the search word "fly fishing" and the most expensive item is a bronze statue by Chester Fields that has nothing to do with the sport but looks nice none the less. It will set you back $17,000

Peck out the word "trout" the the Froogle search box and the most costly item is a Photo of a fly fisherman fishing for trout (with unlimited one time use licensing rights)

If you are looking for a "fly rod" you might want this Hardy Gladstone Split Bamboo Rod that tops the contra Froogle list at a mere $1,875.00 (or you might want this Martin for $15.20)

Finally the award for most costly "fishing fly" goes to this Jeweled "Royal Gold" fly from MacDaddy's is on sale for $1,076.00.

**all prices are as listed at as of the date of this post. If you are silly or rich enough to purchase this stuff drop me a note and I will sell you my old er.. vintage equipment at prices that will make you feel just as good.

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