Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Felt Soul Media

Travis Rummel of Felt Soul Media is sending us a copy of his film "The Hatch" for review. We are really looking forward to having a look at this one because Felt Soul Media took first place in Denver at the Drake Magazine / Cloudveil five minute fishing video awards for their film titled "Running Down The Man".

"Running Down The Man" is a short film about the almost insane hunt for massive roosterfish in the surf and on the fly. It's high energy, combined with the highs and lows of the struggle to tame a very elusive and beautiful fish, caused a standing room only crowd at the awards show to give much more than the usual cursory ooo's and ahhh's fishing videos normally get from a friendly, brewski lubricated, angler infused crowd. It was definitely a film that both young and old could get excited about.

Travis' email hit the nail right on the head when he said, "It seems as if the industry is really beginning to come around on the power of film/video to get people stoked. I think Tom's contest really made that evident and got the industry as a whole excited about the possibilities."

One thing is for sure, if you want to attract the Xbox generation into fly fishing, the LL Bean Catalog isn't going to cut it.

On a side note the second place award went to our pals, the trout bums from AEG Media for the teaser for their latest project: New Zealand.

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