Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bamboo Fly Rods from Vandalia Rodworks

West Virginia anglers Phil Smith and Lee Orr craft hand made bamboo fly rods at their Vandalia Rodworks. Most of their rods take 50 to 80 hours to create. While the rods they create are works of art, they are intended to be fished not just admired, as is evidenced by this excerpt from their website.

If you don't fish the rod, then spirits of deceased rodmakers will come back from the dead to haunt you. Your tires will be slashed and rocks thrown through your windows. If you want a bamboo rod for shock and awe value to impress your friends or to show off the name on the rod, then you've missed the point. Our rods are designed for shock and awe of you, not your friends. We want you to fish it and giggle every time you do just like you did on Christmas morning when you were eight years old.

The two rod builders were recently featured on a local television newscast.

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