Monday, August 14, 2006

Those Quaint Mountain Folk

This is not exactly a fishing item but it is an article talking about the Great Smoky mountains National Park. I post it not because it is anything new, but rather because of the title "Where there's Smokies there's fired-up adventure" and also because it manages to offend pretty much everyone who has lived in the area since the time of Daniel Boone.

"Bear jams" - or "bar jams" in local parlance - are common on the 11-mile, one-way loop road through the Cade's Cove section of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, although rangers would prefer that you don't block the road or hassle the wildlife.

Personally, I have never "kilt a bar" though not for lack of trying. One of the natives here on Lake Norman recently "kilt a bar" and got into big trouble with the law. That is why I stick to fishing for troot.

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