Friday, August 11, 2006

NC Trout Farm Flamed - Caviar M.I.A.

Arson is suspected in a fire at a 60 year old Canton, North Carolina trout farm. The Sunburst Trout Farm went up in flames after someone stole all of the farm's stock of trout caviar. Oddly enough one box of the caviar was found sitting in the middle of the road just north of the farm. Aside from the obvious mysteries surrounding the fire the story gets even stranger.

"One odd note is that several old photographs of Eason's father, Dick Jennings, (founder of the trout farm) were moved to a safe place outside the offices before the building burned."

Anglers are advised to be wary of persons offering to sell cases of fish eggs at ridiculously low prices. They could be purchasing "Hot Caviar" (link to the Winston Salem Journal Article)


Anonymous said...

You're an editor. Learn to spell. It's southeast!

Murdock said...

Alas even editors make mistakes. Luckily folks always point them out sooner or later. Point well taken!