Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Going With The Flow?

Most anglers would probably say that minimum flow programs on Arkansas' White and Norfork rivers are a positive.

"Minimum flows are planned for the rivers to help keep the water cold enough to support fisheries and fish habitats in the tailwaters below Bull Shoals and Norfork dams."

However, not every fisherman agrees.

"River Ridge Inn owner Jim Smith said his main concern is the danger minimum flows could cause. He said he does not see any potential problems with a minimum flow on the White River because it is long and wide. The narrow North Fork is a different story."

"If you're going to generate 8-10 inches of water on the North Fork River, you're going to endanger people and you're going to wipe out fly fishing," he said. "I guarantee that every boat that is rented at the dam and confluence will run all the way to the dam and float down."

(Link to the Baxter Bulletin Article)

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