Saturday, August 26, 2006

FFR Show - Day Three

Zugbug and I have been having a great time here at the show. We have "worked" very hard meeting folks and making industry contacts. We spent all day yesterday on the show floor and last night Brian Bennett and the good folks at Patagonia hosted a blogger meet and greet. We were able to hang out with several of the folks that we have grown accustomed to reading over the past two years. In addition to our host, Brian, from the Moldy Chum / Reel Pure blog we got to meet Eric Rathburn the Chief Angler and founder of Reel Pure. He (along with a guy who had one of the axes that we posted about yesterday) helped us navigate what amounted to a small gang fight on the way over to the Patagonia store. We survived and spent some time with Trout Bum Ryan Davey and some other members of the Angling Exploration Group who were at the show promoting their new film about fly fishing New Zealand. Marshall Cutchin from MidCurrent was in attendance and is doing a great job of highlighting this years crop of new products. Some new friends include Drew Simmons from Wicked Outdoorsy, the guys from Flyfish Radio who were podcasting from the show, as well as Scott Hed, the Outreach Director from the Sportsman's Alliance for Alaska who are in the middle of a big fight to stop a gold mine from messing up a world class fishery. Zug and I enjoyed the evening and especially putting some faces to names. We wish that all of our online friends could have made the trip, but since some notables couldn't make it we made sure to drink their share of the gratis beer.

As you can see, we have been "working" very hard. This post is just a quick summary since I know you wouldn't want us to spend our last night in Denver sitting in our hotel room blogging. Rest assured we have enough information about the new products for 2006 and 2007 to make you sick of hearing from us for a while. We also got some great insight about the state of the fly fishing universe that we fully intend to share at a later date. It should make for an interesting discussion. Since we were very proud of our dedication and "hard work," this morning as we rolled out of our bunks here the the lovely Holiday Inn Denver Zugbug looked at me and shouted at the top of his lungs, "ROAD TRIP." As I have never been to this area and had a hankering to see the Rocky mountains I did not protest as Zugbug suggested that we rent a car and make the run on highway 70 from Denver to Vail via Dillion, Georgetown, and Breckenridge. We looked at some nice rivers and visited some fly shops . Stay tuned for more info in the near future.

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