Monday, August 21, 2006

Catfish on Dry Flies?

Can you catch a catfish on a dry fly? Matt Labash intends to try. So far it has been a tough undertaking to get a cat to take any kind of fly.

"I'm about to stick chicken feathers in a nightcrawler's [expletive deleted], since I've never had any problem catching them with worms on conventional tackle. The point is, I'm desperate. I'm about 1 for 15, outings-wise, and good advice is hard to find. I've called the Catfish Institute in Mississippi (one of their experts, who is a fly-fisherman that never fishes for catfish, wasn't much help). I've talked to numerous LL Bean and Orvis specialists, who are all fascinated by the experiment but never seem to have done it."

(Link to the article by Angus Phillips)

Perhaps we might refer Mr. Labash to this successful angler.

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