Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Big Box? Bring It On!'s article titled "Anywhere, USA" contains a unique perspective on big box retailers and the competition they bring to smaller specialty shops when they come to town.

When Cabela's opens just more than a mile from John Wolter's fly fishing specialty shop Anglers next week, Wolter admits that the retail giant will affect his business. And he's looking forward to it. "Yes, I do think [Cabela's] will have an effect on my business," he says. "I think it will increase."

Mr. Wolter feels that Cabela's entry into the marketplace will serve to introduce more anglers to the sport and (forgive my analogy) he has no qualms about his ability to "hook" them after the big box "stocks" them into the stream of consumers.

I come from a big box retail background and we got accused of chewing up the "Mom & Pop" operations all the time. However, my experience in most markets was that most of these smaller specialty operations found a niche and co-existed quite well. (Link to the Boise Weekly article)

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