Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Let The Creekside Beatings Commence

The Trout Underground Blog reminds us that not everyone we meet on the creekbank has manners or even brains for that matter. His cautionary tale reminds me of a time when Zugbug and I fished with a fellow who we later came to know only as the "Fish Nazi".

I will save the details for a later posting but suffice it to say that within thirty minutes of meeting this fellow, Zug and I were trying to decide if it was feasible to dispose of a body and still get in a good day of fishing. All of the church going when we were kids must have won out in the end and as far as we know this fellow walks with the unfortunate living to this day. At least these sort of people give us something to blog about. (Link to the Underground)

Also be sure to check out Pete's take on the story over at Fishing Jones. I am almost ashamed to say that I totally get his vague Seinfeld reference.

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