Thursday, June 01, 2006

Harvest No Longer Delayed

Every year around the first Saturday in June I feel a sharp twinge of sadness when I realize that it is on that day that North Carolina's "Delayed Harvest fishery" reverts back to hatchery supported regulations until October. This means that the formerly catch and release waters become fish and eat waters. This also means that by the sun down Saturday night over 15% of the years hatchery stocked trout will be in frying pans all across the area.

I console myself with the thoughts that many of the trout would never survive the Carolina summer heat, but I will miss the handy fishing none-the-less. I would almost go get a "mess of trout" for myself but I just don't feel like fighting the crowds.

Don't worry about me though. I will keep my chin up because I am a survivor and I still have Tennessee tailwaters, panfish and bass at the lakes, and a secret pond that no one knows about stocked full of trout and hand size bluegill. Here is a link that tells all about it. Not my secret pond though.

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