Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Best Media Fishing Reference of The Week

In what has got to be one of the best media use of a fishing analogy this week, SI.com columnist compares actress Meg Rayan to a trout while writing about, of all things, the controversial plans to replace Wrigley Field's manual score board.

"Why is a new scoreboard necessary? Why ruin a good thing? Why turn the When Harry Met Sally Meg Ryan into the ... umm ... one who's in -- checking imdb.com -- In the Cut? Did anyone actually see that movie? More important, have you seen Meg Ryan lately? Apparently she wasn't content with her semi-under-the-radar, girl-next-door, traditional hotness and went the plastic route. She now looks like a trout that was caught, released, caught again, and then held by the tail and slapped around the inside of a boat."

Personally, I am just glad that Goose isn't alive to hear talk like this. I think he would be kicking someone's tailhook. (Link to the SI.Com article)

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