Monday, May 08, 2006

Back to Reality

I have just returned from a weekend of fishing with a group of friends from my day job. Seven anglers including staffers, Jay Moore and Jeff Paisley, spent the better part of three days fishing the Watauga river near Elizabethton, TN. We conclaved at a riverside lodge owned by Mr. Cam Cantwell, that is known as "The Ledges". The fishing was fairly tough but the food was tasty, (thanks Bob), the drinks were cold (thanks Rick), and the fun and fellowship was great. Everyone who attended managed to catch fish even though the weather and the hatch really didn't cooperate. The lack of a waterproof camera meant that I was somewhat remiss in my photographer duties. However, pictured here taking a rest after a day of fishing are (left to right) Jay Moore, Bobby Batsin, and unknown person hiding behind the newspaper. Thanks to Bobby Batsin of the James Hardie Company for hosting us.

Earlier in the day Paisley took some folks for a float down the Watauga on our raft, old #278 and I did manage to get a few good photos which I will post tomorrow night.

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Bill Anderson said...

Welcome back!