Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Now That's What It is All About!

The Recordonline.com columnist David Dirks tells about what he witnessed on opening day of trout season. A young boy was watching two fly anglers haul in trout after trout and yelled across the creek to ask what they were using.

"Not only did this seasoned angler show Peter what he was using to catch trout after trout, he took the time to show him as well. He passed his fly rod to Peter, who had never used one before. Within a few minutes, Peter landed his first trout, using a technique he had never used before. Peter's smile was priceless."

Now that is what it is ALL about! I once spoke to a young bait fisherman while fishing and he told me that he had always been curious about fly fishing but had been told not to talk to fly fishermen as they got angry if they were disturbed. I made sure he got a few casts with my rod that day as well.

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