Wednesday, April 05, 2006

NC Angler Catches Trout Longer Than Leg

This is not your average fish story. This weekend Peyton Paisley of Wilkesboro, North Carolina caught a trout that was longer than his leg. Amazingly, this was the first fishing trip for Peyton and the behemoth was the first fish he had ever caught. The monster trout was taken at Chinquapin Lake on an egg pattern with a Snoopy rod and reel. Peyton, shown here in a blue and gray T-shirt, appears to be a remarkably cool customer after having fought such a large fish to submission. He even seems to show no anger at the fisherman beside him who seems to be attempting to take credit for his catch.'s contributing editor and Peyton's father, Jeff Paisley, indicated that since this was Peyton's first trout, it was obvious that he had learned much about fishing from his father and that Peyton was off to a great start as a fisherman. It is obvious to readers of this column that the great fishing skill that runs in this family has been passed down to the younger generation. Obviously from his mother, Wendy.

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