Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Keone Rodsmiths

Today I received an email from Danny Heus introducing me to his company, Keone Rodsmiths. Keone builds bamboo fly rods using some unique techniques. They currently has three series of rods for everything from small native trout to large steelhead. These are quadrate fly rods, meaning they are made from four strips of cane which the builder says gives a greater density of the natural "power fibers" than more common hexagonal rods. The rods are also hollow.

"In order to perfect the design the rods are hollow built with a whole new hollowing technique. As you might know or have read in my article about -design philosophy,- the material around the virtual neutral axis in a flyrod has no use other than extra weight. So, If I want to design bamboo flyrods with perfection in the back of my mind, most of this inside material has to be removed."

The site also has a lot of detail about the rod building process and that alone makes for an interesting read. (Link)

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