Thursday, April 13, 2006

Don't Wear Out Your Welcome

I hate to see a no tresspassing sign along a creek bank, but I can certainly understand why some land owners feel they have to post their land. How many times have you seen a popular fishing spot littered with beer cans and candy wrappers? I really have no sympathy for someone who would litter up the places where I like to fish and what a person who would do so could possibly be thinking most certainly escapes me.

Landowner Dale Moore used to let everyone fish on his property. Ten years ago he started to lease some of it out to a private group because he thought the general fishing public was simply too inconsiderate.
"They'll build camp fires, they'll throw their cigarette butts, their beer cans, soda bottles. Just inconsiderate," Moore said.

Pennsylvania television station WNEP has an article about what groups like Trout Unlimited are trying to do to eliminate this problem.

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