Friday, April 07, 2006

Any Tips on Fly Fishing In Jacksonville, Florida?

Later in the month I will be visiting Jacksonville, Florida where my lovely wife will be competing in a Heart's tournament. While she is huddling over her cards in a smoke filled hotel meeting room trying to get rid of the Queen of Spades, I plan on checking out the Saint John's River fly fishing scene. If anybody from down Jacksonville way has any suggestions drop me a line.


Pete said...

I've heard there's some excellent redfishing around Jacksonville area itself--Amelia Island is a hotspot I believe.

Also, I don't know when the run is, but I've heard of good shad fishing in the St. John's River.

I'll check with some sources and shoot you an email when I'm back at work on Monday.

Good Luck!
Fishing Jones

Murdock said...

Thanks Pete, I was looking at the St.John's River as well. I look forward to hearing from you.