Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Does Lost Lead Tackle Cause Enviro-harm?

Even the best fishermen get hung up and lose tackle from time to time. This article in the Duluth News Tribune reveals that this "slow trickle" of lead into our fisheries can build up and cause environmental problems. According to a study conducted on some of Minnesota's favorite walleye lakes, anglers lose one piece of lead tackle for every 31 hours spent fishing. The Minnesota DNR estimates that more than 8 tons of lead are lost each year. The study was prompted when it was found that one in four Loons die from lead poisoning. Environmentalists want a ban on lead tackle. Their critics say loon populations are fine and there is no need to legislate a ban.


Bill Anderson said...

They are trying to do this in Ontario. I have not seen any science to prove that the small amount of led used actually poisons aquatic ecosytems to the extent evironmentalists suggest. I would be more concerned with industrial sources and motor boat pollutants before targeting fisherman. Show me good science and I am man enough to admit it.

Here is a link that leads to some of the battle we are facing in Ontario.

-Bill Anderson
Muskoka Outdoors

Murdock said...


Well said. I agree with you. Show me the science and the adverse impact. Thanks for the link to the additional info as well.