Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ann's Flies - Crab Creek Outfitters

I am day job road tripping tonight from Richmond, Virginia so it seems appropriate that I found this article about Ann Nichols. Ms. Nichols is a prolific fly tyer and owner of Crab Creek Outfitters, from the Virginia Beach area.

In my experience, it's not very common," Kenney said. "Right now I can only think of two female shop operators, one in Florida and one in New Mexico ."

Did I mention that she can tie up 100 clouser minnows an hour?


Anonymous said...

yeah 100 clousers a minute ann can't tie her way out of a box... i worked w/ her...i would know

BCflyfisher2012 said...

if the previous anonymous could read they would realize that its not 100/minute its 100/hour. And I have never heard an ill word spoken of ann. sounds like a disgruntled former employee

Anonymous said...

some of us might guess who that former employee might be