Sunday, February 12, 2006

What the World Needs Now...

Bill Anderson up north at the Muskoka Outdoors Blog has a great idea on how to promote world peace. Let's make all the world's leaders fish together.

"They would have to net each other's fish. This starts to develop trust. I know I bank on the guy who is about to net my fish."

I can picture it now. The President of Iran trying to blow the fish out of the water with a nuclear bomb. The French running away from the fish. Vlad Putin telling George W. that he shouldn't be casting on his side of the boat. Then their boat gets swamped when a Chinese trawler runs through the fishing hole and nets all the fish.

I think Bill has a good idea but I can see now why he doesn't want to take them hunting.

Disclaimer: The staff of have absolutely no business whatsoever trying to delve into the sordrid world of international politics. We are equal opportunity fishermen and try our best to offend everyone at least once. We would enjoy fishing with any of the world's leaders that want to fish with us, just as long as they can unhook their own fish and bring along a nice adult beverage or two.


Murdock said...

Funny thing is that all this was posted before we knew anything about Vice President Cheney's hunting accident.

Bill Anderson said...

Yeah murdock. That made Canadian news today. Do you know where I can get some info on that?

Muskoka Outdoors

Murdock said...


I am going to email you the accident report.