Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Thousands of N.C. Fish Take to Land

Last Friday thousands of flounder, spot, and pinfish beached themselves near the Marine Corp's New River Air Base on the coast of North Carolina. Most of the fish survived the seemingly intentional beaching and returned to the water of their own accord later in the day.

Fisheries officials think the bizarre phenomenon might be due to low oxygen levels causing the fish to come to shore for what amounts to a breath of fresh air. This same sort of event, known as a jubilee, happens regularly on Mobile Bay's eastern shore and provides locals with a good meal of free seafood just for the picking. Tom Remington over at the Daily Bag Limit Blog brought this story to my attention earlier today. I took the opportunity to try to convince him that North Carolina's anglers were such good fishermen, that often times if we took a stroll down a beach the fish would just give up.

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