Sunday, February 19, 2006

Skimp or Splurge? Response Requested

Yesterday I posted about a deal on some $69.95 Costa Del Mar Polaroid sunglasses and Scotsman Alistair Stewart from Urban Fly Fishing on the Kelvin commented that his sunglasses had cost him "a Tenner" and worked just fine. This caused a moment of contemplation in which I realized that my fishing glasses originated at a local flea market and had cost me every bit of $4.

As fly fishermen we have lots of equipment available to us, at lots of different price points. Rods can easily range from $30 up to $3000 while something as simple as a reel can run anywhere from $5 for a used Martin to more than $1,000 for a new Hardy. Here is the question I want to pose for you tonight: When you shop for fly fishing equipment what are you willing to skimp on to save money and on what equipment do you refuse to compromise and will splurge on higher dollar items? I would appreciate your taking a moment to leave a comment with your answers or you can email me. I look forward to hearing from lots of fellow anglers so don't be afraid to share you opinion. I hope to take this information and post it so that anglers new to fly fishing can have a better idea about where to skimp and where to splurge in order to get the most for their money. (So that our data isn't skewed, If you are filthy rich and money is no object to you please let us know in your comments and I will send you my mailing address so you can send me your cast off equipment as you replace it)


Anonymous said...

Well I have to say that I am stinking rich, so I will be happy to pass down my old Or**s equipment to you.


Flies...trout will eat anything!

Beans...flyfishing buddies will eat anything.

Guide wardens will frisk anything.

Waders...I don't like to wear anything, especially waders.


Aircraft...I really want the plane I'm flying to my favorite fishing hole will make it there.

Tippet...Can't stand the ones that will not tie correctly or break.

Beer...I can't stand standing in the freezing water without a quality brew to numb my senses.

Water Craft...I don't have to buy one. I just use the editors.

Fishing Buddies...I can't roll with my crew without two grand in my pocket. the gun show.

Murdock said...

The 8:45 comment must be from Zugbug.

Alistair said...

Always look for value for money rather than skimping.
I suppose the biggest bit of angling jewellery when it comes to my fly outfit is probably the reels. Now realistically I could get a fly reel for around 20 bucks. In fact I was in negotiation on eBay for one at that price but decided that it was going to be too expensive. Why then did I go and buy an old lamson for around 150 I have no idea, although it will look rather snazzy on my rod. I have a large arbour with a fancy drag on my other reel, does it ever get used on my tiny stream, nope… rod jewellery at its best.
Don’t waste money on cheap fly line, a good fly line will assist someone to cast and in the long run would be false economy anyway as you would end up buying another.
These days you can buy some cracking rods for fewer than 100 bucks (pounds and dollars) so there is really no need to splash out mega big time.
Casting lessons is where the cash should be spent that has been saved, it will save hours and days (and in my case years) of frustration around how to cast properly.

You can in fact skimp on flies by tying your own, but the key here is to only buy the material to tie the flies you fish with often. I find myself only fishing with around half a dozen flies. Buy the materials and you will have enough to tie hundreds. Ignore the fly of the moment; they are to catch anglers on the magazine racks rather than trout anyway.

Moldy Chum said...

I say pay more for product if you believe you are going to benefit from superior performance and superior ego inflation when you show off your swanky gear to your poor slob fishing friends.

My list-

Skimp on your vehicle. Parking on the river in the Eddie Bauer Ford Expedtion with, "Catch and Release" license plate holder, trout trailer hitch cover and, "Beaver Country Day School Parent" bumper sticker is just bait for crackheads. Why drive a fancy rig when a Chrysler K or Ford Granada will get you there just the same?

Skimp on the P.F.D., your kids' water wings will work just fine. Hint: don't carry any shot.

Splurge on indicators, you should never under estimate the power of superior indicator performance.

Splurge on breathable waders, nothing worse than trapped wader gas.

If you really want to save money
switch careers, become a fly fishing industry wonk and never pay retail ever again.