Sunday, February 26, 2006

Show Contacts

We met lots of people at the fly fishing show this weekend. I decided to put up links to a few that caught my eye:

The Richardson Chest Fly Box Company - This company will manufacture you a hand built, made to order, fly box that you wear on your chest. They are a bit more expensive than the fly boxes I usually carry, but one of these with the right sort of attachments could easily replace an entire fishing vest.

Cast Away Luxury Cabins - The Kenai Peninsula is high on my list of places to fish. The owner of these cabins is also the distributor for pontoon boats from Northfork Outdoors. He was nice enough to give us some tips on planning a visit to Alaska.

Three Rivers Lodge, Labrador - Giant brook trout make Labrador a place I want to visit. Why do I always think of Cheech and Chong movies when I think of Labrador?

Westbank Anglers - The rep from this guide service took some time to tell me about fly fishing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Jackson Hole is alleged to be the home to more trout than people. I have always wanted to fish the Fire hole. Now to find a way to finance all of this travel.

Appalachian Angler Fly Shop - They guys from Appalachian Angler in Boone, North Carolina were in attendance. I think I managed to talk them into sending me some fishing reports. Theo Copeland gave a presentation on float fishing Alaska. Some of the first fly fishing I ever tried was in the river that runs behind their shop.

Lowe Fly Shop from Waynesville, NC - Chuck Garwood introduced us to Roger Lowe, owner of this fly shop.

Davidson River Outfitters - Kevin Howell's shop is located on the banks of the Davidson River near Brevard, NC. Kevin's father and my father actually used to go fishing together back in the day.

The cost of admission was $14 per person plus $7 for parking. We all complained about the cost but had a good time and got to meet lots of people. All things considered, it ended up being a good day out for the boys. I did make a purchase of some Cortland 555 fly line which I got for about half price. Garwood was quick to point out that after the cost of admission I paid about the same as ordering it online. It wouldn't have been near as much fun though and I wouldn't have gotten to hear him and Paisley debate about who was the better fisherman.

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