Saturday, February 04, 2006

Orvis Warehouse Sale - Charlotte, NC

Today I "investigated" the Orvis Warehouse Sale that visited Charlotte, North Carolina this weekend. I thought you might be interested in what I observed:

1. Lots of clothes - 3/4ths of the sales floor was devoted to clothes and pet care items. I didn't spend much time looking at clothes as I was mainly interested in fly fishing gear.

2. A few reels - The selection of fly reels was pretty slim with more low end reels than high end ones. They had good prices on Rim Fly reels and Scientific Angler Reels ($30-40). They were selling a few of the higher end reels and I did see one CFO for about $150-$200 (not a big discount from the web) if I remember correctly. The local shop here in Charlotte had a separate booth set up with good prices on some of the reels they had used in their guide service. ($40). I was shopping for a reel but did not find one that struck my fancy.

3. Waders at 50% off - They had a good selection of waders (mostly their silver line) at 50% off and from some checking I did of their web site prices they were bargains. ($229 selling for $115)

4. Fly Lines for $5.00 - A great price for line but I couldn't find anything close to four or five weight line. If you need seven or ten you were in luck. I also picked up a couple of sink tip systems for $1 each. Each pack contained a class I and class III sink tip. I also got a spool of 6x tippet for $1.

5. Flies for $2 each - A good selection of both fresh and salt water flies. I passed on these since I order most of my flies online. They did have some $10 assortment packs that had a dozen flies.

6. Fly tying materials galore - They had two tables full of fly tying materials. Necks were around $15 and hooks were $2.00 a pack. Digging through the bins was rewarded with some nice finds (I got some 20 and 22 dry fly hooks). The best deal was a dozen tungsten beads for $1.00. Needless to say I picked up about 20 packs of these. I also got some wire in various colors for $1 a spool. I felt like a kid in the candy store when I started digging through the bins on these tables. My poor wife was loaded down with my haul while I dug for more treasure.

7. Rods - They had about 3 large boxes with rods and tubes etc. Larger could be had at decent prices. I didn't see any mega deals here but I was not shopping for a rod.

8. Other Stuff - A guy was putting together a back packer type pontoon boat that had a sticker price of $395 and when I asked the price he said that he would knock 60% off. It looks like the same boat on their site is on clearance sale for $269 so it was a better deal at the warehouse sale.

Conclusion: Well worth the trip, but do your research ahead of time so that you know what kind of deal you are getting. After all it is a warehouse sale, so if you are looking for something that is less popular or last year's model you can do very well. I spent $36 on fly tying and fishing gear that would probably have been 3-4x that much at a retail store. Admission was free and there was no charge for parking at the venue. Most of all, I had a great time digging through bins and finding things that caught my eye. Here is a link to the page that shows the schedule for these sales. The next one is in Charleston, South Carolina.


James Hathaway said...

Thanks for dropping by the sale!

I am glad you found it worth the trip. These sales are a lot of fun.


James Hathaway
The Orvis Company

Murdock said...

Thanks for stopping by the site Mr. Hathaway! Look forward to hearing from Orvis in the future.

Shaniya said...

Looking nice deals!! Orvis is really a nice place for your outdoor gear needs.