Thursday, February 09, 2006

Kayaking To Save Wild Salmon

Today Zugbug forwarded me an email that he got from Bill Erickson letting us know about his Salmon to Sea Awareness Trip. Bill is a professional river guide / boatman for Oars-Dories and is going to kayak 900 miles from the start of the Salmon River in Idaho, through the Snake and Columbia River systems, tracing the route of wild salmon to the sea. He is doing this in order to raise awareness and money for the Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition. Along the way they will be stopping at various towns to talk with media, anglers, and school children about the plight of the wild salmon and the opportunities we have to protect the resource. Bill has a blog where you can read about the planned trip and follow his progress during the month long trip. Hopefully this trip will make a big statement and get some media attention along the way. You have to be impressed with a guy that can come up with a way to take a month long fishing trip and help a good cause at the same time!

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