Thursday, February 16, 2006

English Humor Bad Influence on Nurses

This posting is not so much about fly fishing as it is about the blatant misuse of a trout. Across the pond in the UK, the BBC reports on nurse Patricia Jennings of Turnbridge Wells who is accused of inappropriate sexual behavior with her fellow workers. In addition to her more "traditional" forms of misconduct she is also accused of slapping a fellow nurse with a frozen trout. (link to the BBC article)

One nurse said she was slapped in the face with a frozen trout after a patient brought several of them into the hospital as a gift to staff.
Ms Jennings then said "give us a kiss" while moving the fish's mouth, the hearing was told

I refer you to our previous posting of Monty Python's "The Fish Slapping Dance" without further comment. ***update** the original video appears to be down so I found this replacement on google.

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