Wednesday, February 01, 2006

11 Year Olds Catch Bigger Fish Than Me

Tom Remington over at The Daily Bag Limit Blog posted a photo and story of an 11 year old Kansas boy who caught a large rainbow trout while fly fishing on Dry Run Creek in Arkansas. Dry Run is restricted to kids under the age of 16. Since the area is catch and release only he didn't take time to weigh or measure the fish but did get some photos. A fish and game biologist estimates that the fish would weigh in at 25 lbs. When we were in Arkansas last year we spent some time watching fish jump up a waterfall on Dry Run Creek. I am glad we didn't see this particular fish as we might have been tempted to try to lie about our age. "Well actually officer I am only 15, I just happen to be prematurely bald an grey" I don't think it would have worked. Read the whole story here.

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