Friday, January 06, 2006

Women Gone Wild

To get the weekend started right, I have decided to feature an article about "Women gone wild!" No, these are not nubile, intoxicated college coeds trying get attention. Rather, the has an article about the growing trend among the fairer sex of getting involved in outdoor sports that previously were dominated by menfolk. These women engage in shooting, fishing, and other outdoor activities as part of a group known as BOW.

"Becoming an Outdoors Woman is a nationwide movement to teach women outdoors skills, with workshops in many states, including Tennessee."

According to the article, women approach outdoor sports differently from men.

"Women generally like to fish in groups," she says. "You rarely see a woman jump in a pickup truck and spend a week alone eating out of a sardine can. A lot of women go fishing and don't remember how many fish they caught. For them, it's all about the experience."

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