Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Fly Fish Gatlinburg ....Believe It Or Not

The Knoxnews (free registration required) has a story that discusses Gatlinburg, Tennessee's new winter trout fishing program. Between December 1st and April 1st the fishery is catch and release with only unscented artificial lures allowed.

"If you want to come up here and catch 20 trout in a day, you can certainly do that," Ward said. "And I think the catch-and-release regulation is a great idea, but the fishing would be even better if people knew how to release a trout and not kill it."

20 trout a day in the shadow of the "gyp-joints," wax museums, and arcades....Interesting. I once caught a huge fish at the Ripley's Aquarium there once but that is another story and I was asked not to come back.

Ps. I am sure if you are reading this you know the proper way to release a trout without killing it but just in case here is a link to explain how.

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