Thursday, December 15, 2005

More Blogs You Should Be Reading

Tis the season, the season of rain and cold and being cooped up indoors. A guy can only tie so many flies and eat so much during this festive time. Man cannot live on turkey alone, you must also feed your mind. Here are my latest scroungings from the blogosphere for your reading pleasure:

Maine Hunting Today's Black Bear Blog: Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts interested in keeping abreast of the latest news, events and politics that greatly effect the sports of hunting, fishing, and all outdoor activities in Maine and North America. (Be sure to check out their fishing section. - Editor)

Long Rodding in Garden City Singapore: PEACOCK BASS on light weight is the way to go here. And now, on dry flies! (Another great Singapore fishing blog - These guys enjoy fishing in a big way. Seeing this site will make you want a to buy a plane ticket. - Editor)

The Wayward Fly Fishing Blog: Fly fishing has become very normal. On this wayward site, you'll find exciting (and mostly true) articles, stories, book reviews, video reviews, photography and instruction on many aspects of fly fishing. (A new addition to our links list, this blog has a excellent articles and reviews. We all need to be a bit wayward from time to time -Editor)

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