Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Life On The Maggot Farm

From the "your job isn't as bad as you think it is" file, here is a story of Michigan man who raises maggots for sale as fish bait.

"The key, (to raising good maggots)Seibelman said, is providing them plenty of food. So Seibelman maintains a massive feed pile -- made up primarily of road-killed deer carcasses and what's left of deer after meat processors get through with them"

I am continually reminded why I prefer to fish with fur and feathers rather than bait. I suppose you have to be careful in the maggot business or your crop could just grow up and fly away some day.

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Anonymous said...

hey, i took a few maggots that i "raised"... I sifted them out into flour to "clean" them as best I could. I went trout fishing in a hatchery supported stream and at mid-day when the fish were really spooked and would bite nothing for anyone. I hooked one of the boogers on the hook and dropped it in the pool where about 10 trout were smugly laying... Well it was a fight between the trout to see who could get hooked the fastet. Oh yeah I used latex gloves and no matter how much flour is on the maggots... they stink! I am considering mixing up a maggot dough and trying it....