Saturday, November 19, 2005

Gerber, Fend For Yourself!

I have been a fan of Gerber since I was a baby slobbering their cereal up on my Dad's shoulder (just kidding). Now that I am older I am a big fan of Gerber knives and outdoor equipment. In my opinion the quality can't be beat. I ran across an interesting commentary on their website about the concept of fending for one's self. "There was a time when the words "quick" and "fix" were never found together in the same sentence. When our homes needed to be built, we grabbed brothers, fathers and hammers, not a mouse that clicked on Mr. On-line Contractor. Our nation's great accomplishments were a testament to hard work, sweat and ingenuity. After all, we not only put a man on the moon, but built him a rover to drive while he was up there." Amen Brothers! Grab your knife and fend for yourself!

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