Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Fly Fishing - Luxury Cruising Not Same Thing!

If you read here with any regularity you know that I really respect and admire guys who can get paid for writing about fly fishing. However, even I have my limits! brings us an article in which the author who, getting paid to write about fishing, laments that fly fishing is no "Luxury Cruise". The first thing the author does to get on my bad side is complain about having to get up and be at the boat by 6:00 AM so he can get paid to go Tarpon fishing. Next our author enlightens us about the sport, "The bait, known as the "fly," is carefully tossed close to the fish's mouth. The degree of closeness separates the amateurs from the professionals." This next statement assured me that the author had shown up at the docks late with a Hill Brothers Coffee can full of worms, "Fishermen sure are perky when the fish are biting. I silently hoped we would have snagged a Starbuck's first." Well I suppose fly fishing isn't for everyone but it least he gave it a try!

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