Sunday, November 06, 2005

Fly Fishing Blogger Wisdom

Recently, as part of my day job, I was meeting with some high powered Washington D.C. attorney types and as it often does, the conversation turned to fly fishing. Wanting to be all 21st century and such, I mentioned that I blogged. It was then that one of the attorneys asked me something I had never really thought about: "How much stuff could their actually be to blog about fly fishing?" Must be quite a bit based on the number of blogs out their devoted to the subject. Here are a few of our favorite fly fishing bloggers for your inspection:

Urban Fly Fishing on the Kelvin - Burnt oot cars, weeded shopping trolleys, bizarre wooden pallets and trying to tempt a brownie with a dry fly as a bus thunders above you…..ah yes the River Kelvin in Glasgow is the ultimate in urban fly fishing.

Moldy Chum - Because we all live down stream! These guys have the same mind set about fly fishing as I do. It frightens me greatly ...but in a good way. - A high bandwidth weblog. A service of The Angling Exploration Group. These guys fly fish and have parties. You can't argue with that.

Fly Fishing Journal - Singapore, Peacock Bass, and Bamboo Fly Rods. Need I say more?

Give them some clicks and get the info that will keep you from fishing vacant water.

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