Monday, October 31, 2005

Jake's Demon Bugger

A couple of years ago my 13 year old son decided he wanted to tie a fly, so we sat down to the vise and with a bit of guidance he tied and designed this "Halloween-ish" variation of a wooly bugger. It has a tail of red marabou and a the body is peacock herl over a base of lead. The rib is brown larva lace and it is tied through with olive thread. The most striking parts of the fly are the goose biot "horns" he decided to add at the last minute. They give the fly it's "hellish" appearance. I thought the current holiday would be an excellent time to bring it out of the back of the fly box and give it the place of honor it deserves. The fly you see here has actually caught a trout on one of our local delayed harvest fisheries. Maybe it mimics some sort of bizarre hellgrammite or other large bug? However, I often wonder if there isn't something more sinister at work here??

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