Monday, October 17, 2005

Frankentrout? No, it's pronounced Frankentroot...

In an effort to make trout more appealing to restaurant patrons scientists are attempting to use genetic engineering to create prettier trout. These "Frankentrout" as they are called don't have the hook jaw and their flesh is firmer and doesn't get dark with age. The trout, which have an extra chromosome, divert the energy they would normally use for reproduction to growth and thus can weigh as much as 10-12 pounds after only two years of hatchery life. An added bonus to those of us worried about pollution of the wild variety of trout, is that these fish are sterile so if they do escape they supposedly can't do much harm. I see a horror movie somewhere in this projects future. Let's hope the do not create an "Abby Normal" monster trout. <--vague Marty Feldman reference>. "Master, the villagers are coming to burn the hatchery!"

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