Wednesday, September 28, 2005

New Digs for NCWRC

The News & Observer website has a good article about the North Carolina Wildlife Resources commission's new office building. The 13.5 million dollar building will be open to the public and contain a museum and education center. Article Excerpt follows:

"For the other "green" part of the project -- the money -- the commission also took a conservative approach. Rather than using tax money, the $13.5 million project was funded through a bond that the commission purchased from the state treasurer.
Hamilton said the commission had been paying $300,000 in rent each year for three buildings. That rent money now will be used to pay off this debt and to operate the new building.
"So we're paying about $2 million a year on debt reduction," Hamilton said. "And that's not going to divert any money from our ongoing programs. "
"We expect to save money in the long term."

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