Saturday, September 03, 2005

Common Sense

Here is an interesting take from the owner of a small fly shop that is going out of business. The propriator said that he spent would spend hours showing someone what they needed to start fly fishing but then they would buy there gear from the "big box" store down the street.

"We spent hours helping a customer understand what he and his wife needed to begin their fly fishing adventures," he said. "And we said we would include a one-hour casting lesson with the purchase of a complete rod and reel outfit from our store. "They said they would think about it. The next day, they stopped by for their free casting lesson, after they had purchased their stuff at the big-box store ... and then they were mad at us for not giving them a free lesson."

I am all about getting a deal but I have always said if you are going to mooch info from the guy at the fly shop, buy some stuff there. After all if we don't support the guys who own the good shops ( the ones that put customer service first) they won't be there for us in the future and you will be getting your fishing advice from a 16 year old goth kid at Wally World.

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