Monday, August 29, 2005

Paper Trout in the Land of the Rising Sun

Yoshikazu Fujioka, a 56 year old Japanese fisherman who works his day job as a "designer of commercial spaces" has created a website that combines his love of fishing with his art. This site will give you a look at fly fishing as only the Japanese view it. Be sure to check out the patterns for 3D papercraft models of trout that he has created. He has a great philosopy on fishing that is brought out in the following quote from his site. "Things didn't always go as I wish. So I made my rod myself and try every means. Now a days Fishing tackles have become abundance. But I use only spinner and caddis, and don't need many kinds of fishing tackles. It's an irony.Anglers usually prepare many kinds of fly and I was not an exception. I made dragon fly at that time. It is my principle how not think about catching but fish in favorite places and use favorite tackles without any hurry."

In 1979, Youshikazu founded his own fishing club, "Tsuttenkai." When I read his description of the site It sounded like a club that Paisley, Zugbug, and I would enjoy. "One of us is crazy in fishing and forget time. And the other take part only in the party at night."

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