Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Fly Fishing Retirement Fund

Earlier today I was thinking about retirement and such and wondered what kind of investments might be available to the angler who wanted to put his money where his hobby is. I came up with this list of investments that are related (albeit somewhat loosely) to our favorite recreation. Here are the investments that I have decided to dub "The Fish Market Fund."

Cabela's Inc (CAB) - An obvious choice for any angler looking to invest in his hobby. With earnings per share of $1.03 and trading at $21.84 up .19 cents today, a solid pick.

The Sports Authority (TSA) - A secondary play for the fly angler. This retailer carries a line of budget gear suited for the angler new to the sport. Fly fishing is certainly secondary to other outdoor pursuits at TSA. This stock traded today at $31.64 up .49 cents.

Brooktrout Inc. (BRKT) - The only publicly traded company named after a trout. Traded on the NASDAQ they provide communications software and hardware. The stock closed today at $9.58 down .11 cents.

Pan Fish ASA (PNFSF.PK) - Traded on the OTC markets at a whopping .27 cents per share. This company has fish farms all across the globe. Check them out at www. panfish.com. This stock closed unchanged today.

New River Pharmaceuticals Inc (NRPH) - Famous for small mouth bass, The New River has to be one of the South's favorite fishing and whitewater destination. This company makes drugs that will help ease your pain after you crash your boat into a rock while trying a land a big bronze back. The stock closed at $37.06 up $1.37.

FYI - Bass Pro Shops and Orv*s are not included because like so many other companies in the fly fishing business they seem to be privately held.

Now for the disclaimer - Don't take this list seriously and don't bet your life savings on something you read on the internet. If you want to get rid of your money that badly you should contact me at editor@flyfishmagazine.com and I will be glad to dispose of it for you. Otherwise do your own research and make your own decisions.

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Murdock said...

8-11-05 ***Update***

CAB 21.69 down .11
TSA 31.64 down .42
BRKT 9.37 down .22
NRPH 39.47 UP .72

So far not too good....Curse you oil prices!