Thursday, August 18, 2005

Angie - The Fishin' Goddess

As you might remember from previous postings, our old friend Zugbug is single again. I thought I had found the perfect woman for him today but as I read her site she is already married. Angie is a fly fishing guide in Washington state and calls herself "The Fishin Goddess." In addition to her ability to catch fish, one of the things she lists on her site that makes her the guide you should choose, "The view in the boat is much better of me than some big fat smelly old redneck." Judging from the pics on her site she certainly can put a guy on fish!

Her husband, Or*is Boy, has this quote on her website "There is a Goddess, I saw her yesterday on I-5. She had the top down and she was drivin a cherry 69' GTO, with an 8 weight Sage RPL in the backseat" Who couldn't like a woman with a nice fly rod and a 69' GTO?

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Anonymous said...

I went fishing with Angie. Gotta tell ya she looks ok but thats it. She sucks as a guid and shouldn't promote herself as a full service guide she should be 2 for 1 or something. I give her credit for trying but i dont wanna pay for her training...Angie sorry hun but if you cant piss in the tall gras dont run with the big DOGS....