Friday, July 22, 2005

What Happens in Vegas Stays In Vegas ...Specifically your Money!

Well I have returned from my recent visit to sin city. Thanks to Zug for some excellent blogging in my absence. I took my PDA in hopes of doing some Moblogging (mobile blogging) but it was very hard to find wireless internet access in Vegas (free wireless that is..). I guess the Casinos don't want you hanging out in your room. I was able to experience history in the making as the High last Tuesday was 117 degrees. That is the highest temp ever recorded in Las Vegas. It may be a "dry heat" but 117 is hot no matter if it is wet or dry. Also for those of you who are interested I did hit for 10k on the new Star Wars slot machine. Yep 10,000 pennies. Also for the record, Zug's theory of betting on snake eyes to come up at 30-1 at craps is indeed crap.

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